What is the Youth Advisory Board?

The youth advisory (YA) board is a volunteer committee of Trax Credit Union members ages of 16 to 25. The YA board is a group of young members who meet occasionally to share ideas and provide the credit union Board of Directors with informational input.

Who can apply: Members in good standing who are 16-25 years old.

Membership Information

  • OK Choose the location at which you are a member is required
  • Credit Union Member

    OK Credit Union Member is required

Personal Information

  • OK Full Name is required
  • OK Street Address is required
  • OK City is required
  • OK State is required
  • OK Zip Code is required
  • OK Phone is required
  • OK Date of Birth is required
  • OK Parents Names (First and Last) is required
  • Are you employed?

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  • Optional OK If yes, where? is required

Academic Information

  • Are you a High School graduate?

    OK Are you a High School graduate? is required
  • OK Name of High School is required
  • Are you attending University/College/Trade School?

    OK Are you attending University/College/Trade School? is required
  • OK Name of College is required


  • OK Tell us about yourself is required

YA Board Questions

  • OK Why do you want to be part of the YA Board? is required
  • OK What is one personal financial goal you have for the year? is required

    By typing my name below, I hereby certify that the information in this application is complete and is correct to the best of my knowledge.

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