1. On our home page in the Account Access box:
      • select Forgot Password.
      • Enter your Account number which is also your Username.
      • Then click continue.
    2. Select the email you wish to use (there is a drop-down arrow).
      • An email will be sent immediately to the selected address. Click submit.
    3. Open your email:
      • The email will have a subject line of Trax Credit Union Security Code. The sender will be no.reply@traxcu.com.
      • Copy your secret code.
    4. Go to the Online banking screen:
      • paste the secret code.
      • Click submit.
    5. You will get a Success screen, with a message that a temporary password has been sent to your email.
      • You will have 20-minutes to retrieve and use the temporary password.
      • Click complete, this will take you back to the Account Access screen.
      • Keep Account Access screen open.
    6. Open another window:
      • open your Trax Credit Union Temporary Password email.
      • Copy your temporary password.
    7. On the Account Access screen:
      • enter your User ID (account number)
      • enter the temporary password
      • select sign in.
    8. You will be asked the following:
      • select your security image;
      • you will need to select three challenge questions.
      • Remember your answers and Click submit.
    9. You will be asked to set a permanent password.
      • Password requirements 8-16 characters, must include 1 Capital letter, 2 digits and 1 special character.
      • Click submit.
    10. Upon first login after setting up your account and password:
      • It will require you to select your security image
      • Answer one challenge question.
      • On this screen, you can check the box next to register device. (This is recommended only for devices that are not shared.)
      • If you access our website from your tablet, phone or other smart device, you can enable that device and have access to our Mobile Banking platform.
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