Finally — a simple way to switch your direct deposits and automatic payments.

Now you can easily move recurring payments and direct deposits to your Trax Credit Union account, all with the click of a mouse. No complicated switch kits or wasting time contacting payees, just an easy process that does the work for you. With ClickSWITCH, account information is transferred quickly; it’s automated, convenient and takes as little as 10 minutes!

Simply follow these steps to start the secure process:

  1. To get started call us at (813) 800-TRAX or visit a branch to get started.
  2. Log in below & enter the SwitchTRACK (activation) code provided by us to login.
  3. Select which direct deposits and automatic payments you’d like to switch & begin the switching process.
  4. Click on your desired tab and follow the instructions to create and submit your switches.

Additional capabilities

Switch Assist

Allows you to login to your old financial institution to access your existing account, see recurring payments and switch those accounts over to your new or existing account.

Switch Status

Enables you to easily track payments you want to transition to a new account.

Switch Summary

The ClickSWITCH portal allows you to view a listing of all switches currently in progress and details regarding each switch. The Switch Summary will also let you know if additional action is needed from you and confirm when a switch as been successful.

Account Closure

Easily initiate closure for previous external accounts once the switch process is complete.

Already have your SwitchTRACK code? Get started now!

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